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lördag 12 februari 2011

Touched by the hand of media :)

Hi Y'all,

In the latest release of our Picture book (in Swedish: Pekbok)
we release a couple of new features that was really nice but
also, and perhaps more importantly, three new languages:
- German (120M)
- Icelandic (320k)
- South Samí  (500)
The numbers within parenthesis is the number of people speaking the language.

We are of course really excited about having as big languages as English and German onboard
but what makes us really happy is that we have created a direct link between all the millions of people of the and those of the much smaller ones as Icelandic or South Samí and vice versa.
This is cool.
Really cool!
And we are really proud about it to say the least!

Oh, and by the way, we (or atleast Viktor and Björn) are now officially media stars :D

Written features


If you have not already, please step into our facebook page to help us connect the 
world :D

Loved by the camera
/Tommy @optimates

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