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fredag 4 november 2011

KABLAM! Pekbok2.0 has seen the light

I'm proud to announce the brand new fancy pekbok2.0.

I've been working on this release on my spare time for 5-6months and by My side I have had much help from a talented GFX-guy named Reine Klasson. He has refreshed the graphics to a level of which I could not dream and also been highly involved in the the design of the new categories.

Here is the new menu with the two categories Alphabet and Numbers

The release is the sum of a LOT of updates but the major ones are:

  • - New category: Numbers (not all languages, yet)
  • - New category: Alphabet (not all languages, yet)
  • - New Graphics
  • - New images in Colour category.
  • - New Language: Romani
  • - New Language: Taiwanese

How the alphabet is presented.

The design of the new categories has been chosen to:

  • Shows the order of the letters in the alphabet
  • How the letter are pronounced
  • The name of the letter

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